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Space Invaders!!!

Hi, i'm new here. I'm seeking anyone who has done "Space Invasion" so i can understand how the ceramic tiles
are glued to the wall. If anyboy ou there can help me, it would be aprecciated. :)

I've informed myself with specialized people on the matter (mosaic tiles) and they don't know how it's done. In the "Invasion Kits" they sell (for about 60€, f*ck them!) they explain it, but i'm not willing to buy one as you can see.

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being a Space Invader obsessive myself, i too have wondered how to construct them. i found some mosaic tiles at a local art store, but they're much bigger and thicker than the ones Space Invader uses. i also have no idea how to stick them together or what to use when applying them to a surface (though i did buy the same adhesive they use often at construction sites after seeing a photo of Space Invader with the adhesive and the "gun" for it in the most recent Giant Robot. still don't know what to do with it, but i do plan on using it, heh.) i also know he used to have his contact up at the website but it's gone now, which is pretty lame 'cause i bet he wouldn't mind hooking people up with info on how it's done. fuck the Invasion kits too, heh.
I have that Giant Robot too, but i can't seem to get anything out of it. I've traded some mails with an art atelier from here, and the people from there explained some things.
But i don't know how they stick them, i saw a video at the site where they just pushed the tiles into a wall and then pushed some kind of adhesive, and *Tada!* the little Space Invader stayed there perfectly.

I know a book came out ("I Invade Paris") explaining everything... but then again... it's 50€.. fuck them.

I've sent a mail to a shop who sells the invasion kits asking if they could give me an up-close shot of the instructions.. but the shop is closed for vacations now... boring...

Oh well, when you try something out please contact me ;)
who would've thought this process was so tedious. well, trying to figure out how to do it anyways. i'm sure actually executing it is very simple. i'm considering possibly saving up for an Invasion kit (ehhh..), but if not, i might go ahead and make some stencils. lemme know if you're interested.
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